Pecking Order: Establishing Dominance with your Horse

Let’s say you’re at a cocktail party. People are milling about with their drinks, making small talk in low voices as jazz music plays in the background. You’ve just met a lot of these folks and suddenly, you start whistling and tapping your glass and, once you’ve got the attention of the room, you explain […]

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Pecking Order: How to Tell Where Your Horse Fits

We might not be able to ask our horses, “How was school today? Did you make any new friends?” But once we understand horsey interactions and herd dynamics, we can use them to identify where our horses fall in the power pyramid and whether things are working out well or poorly for them with their […]

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Pecking Order: What the Heck is It?

It’s kind of like middle school. *Cringe.* Everyone is trying to show everyone else how cool and capable they are…making cases for why they should be part of the club, the team, the clique, the chess club…

Before we all lose ourselves in memories of our own middle school days: we’re talking about horses here and […]

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Mares vs. Geldings, Part 2

Let’s get a little brainy for a moment. We’ve been talking about the mares vs. geldings debate and differences between mares and geldings. While we can’t be conclusive, we can shed some light on the subject by learning about how mares think.

Recent scientific studies of horse herds in the wild show some things that might […]

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Mares vs. Geldings, Part 1

Chances are, if you’ve been around horses for any length of time, you’ve come across people who swear they’ll never own a mare. Maybe you’re one of them. Or maybe you’re one of the people who’d never own anything but a mare.

Why? Why do mares evoke such strong for-and-against responses among riders?

It’s no secret that […]

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Stall vs. Run: Which is best?

Here at Cottonwood, we offer a plethora of options to accommodate many different kinds of horses. We like diversity and the atmosphere it creates! That’s why we offer pretty much everything under the sun when it comes to horse boarding near Denver.

We have stocky barrel racers, quiet trail horses, lanky eventers, floaty dressage horses…and everything […]

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Sitting the Canter Like a Pro, Part 2

The canter is a beautiful gait—smooth and rhythmic and even dance-like. But it can also be difficult to master. Many horses love to canter, but often this is the gait where you’ll experience bucking or an over-excited mount. Nobody wants to be the guy in the photo, haha! Also, some less forward horses don’t like to move […]

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Sitting the Canter Like a Pro, Part 1

You may not know it if you’ve never taking time off from riding, but sitting the canter well is an art that we riders have to maintain.

Posting the trot is like riding a bike—once you learn it, your body remembers how to do it even if you don’t do it for years. But the canter […]

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How to Post the Canter

If you’ve ever watched a polo chukker or just happened by while the Denver Polo Club folks are riding, chances are you’ve seen them posting the canter. They do that pretty much all the time.

We eventing, hunter-jumper and dressage riders—not to mention Western riders—almost never do this, though! (We sit, we ride light seat or […]

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How to Build Horse Topline Muscle Right

A horse’s topline is the muscle that runs from his poll to his croup, literally connecting head to tail. It’s important because a strong topline means better carrying power, balance and ability to work from behind. Basically, better everything.

The challenge is that the topline is often the last to come and first to go, on the […]

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