Tara’s Tip: How to Groom Your Horse

Now that you know from my last blog why horse grooming is important and which tools you need to do it right, here’s the nitty-gritty on exactly how to do it.

The curry is used in a circular pattern all along the horse from head to tail, under the belly and down the legs. Press hard enough to […]

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Tara’s Tip: Why You Should Groom Your Horse

Ugh! All I want to do is ride! I don’t have time to groom! He is clean enough! Have you ever spouted these words? I know I have! Time is short and the time warp at the barn can wreak havoc on a schedule. You know how it goes…sometimes we get talking to a friend […]

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Tara’s Tip: Getting Started with Trail Riding

So you are ready to head across the bridge and over the canal! Yay! It can be a big decision for many riders and simply making that choice means you have won a big battle! Plus, this is absolutely the BEST time to enjoy trail riding in Chatfield State Park—everything is so beautiful this time of […]

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Why Trail Riding is Good for Your Horse

We’ve had such a fun summer at Cottonwood – chock full of memorable moments at shows, in arenas and out on the trails. The season has been a whirlwind, so it’s hard to believe that the brisk temperatures and gorgeous colors of fall are beckoning…but they are!

With golden leaves and cool, crisp mornings ahead, we’re […]

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Tara’s Horse Training Tip: Slow Down To Go Faster

Reading the title of this blog, you might be asking yourself, “What is she talking about, go slow to go fast? This makes no sense!” But it does in horse training.

Here’s the scoop: When I am training a horse on something new, I must slow things down to give the horse a chance to think […]

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The Basics of Flying Lead Changes, Part 2

Moving on from last week’s blog…

Once you have smooth walk-to-canter and canter-to-walk transitions, you are ready to play with simple changes. In dressage, simple changes are defined as a change in the canter lead through 3-7 walk steps.

Again, keeping your horse calm is paramount, so if you feel them getting hot or confused, take a […]

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Tara’s Tip: The Basics of Flying Lead Changes, Part 1

When you see a really well trained horse (no matter the discipline), it is amazing to watch. And one thing that is common in all disciplines is flying lead changes. Barrel horses need them to be faster around the barrels, dressage horses need them to show proper training and for competition, jumpers need changes to […]

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What to Expect in Your First Riding Lesson

When you make the decision to finally follow that dream and take your first riding lesson (or in many cases give in to your daughter’s continual requests for a pony), what do you do next?

Well, first you have to choose a great barn—something family friendly and near your house. Look for a place that offers […]

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Tara’s Tip: Why We Mount From the Left

Have you ever wondered why we horse people always lead and mount from the left side? It’s one of the first things you learn when you take up horsemanship…but why? Well, I asked that question when I first started and there were a ton of different answers.

Basically, it comes down to tradition. Modern horseback riding […]

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Horseback Riding for Beginners: Bits

If you’re horseback riding on a fast horse, how do you get him to slow down or stop? Easy—by pulling back on the reins.

The reins are long strands of leather that attach to the bit, which is made of metal and runs through the horse’s mouth, over his tongue. The reins also allow you to […]

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