Sitting the Canter Like a Pro, Part 2

The canter is a beautiful gait—smooth and rhythmic and even dance-like. But it can also be difficult to master. Many horses love to canter, but often this is the gait where you’ll experience bucking or an over-excited mount. Nobody wants to be the guy in the photo, haha! Also, some less forward horses don’t like to move […]

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Sitting the Canter Like a Pro, Part 1

You may not know it if you’ve never taking time off from riding, but sitting the canter well is an art that we riders have to maintain.

Posting the trot is like riding a bike—once you learn it, your body remembers how to do it even if you don’t do it for years. But the canter […]

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How to Post the Canter

If you’ve ever watched a polo chukker or just happened by while the Denver Polo Club folks are riding, chances are you’ve seen them posting the canter. They do that pretty much all the time.

We eventing, hunter-jumper and dressage riders—not to mention Western riders—almost never do this, though! (We sit, we ride light seat or […]

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How to Build Horse Topline Muscle Right

A horse’s topline is the muscle that runs from his poll to his croup, literally connecting head to tail. It’s important because a strong topline means better carrying power, balance and ability to work from behind. Basically, better everything.

The challenge is that the topline is often the last to come and first to go, on the […]

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Our Approach to Horse Barn Biosecurity

Over recent weeks, we’ve had a few boarders inquire about our biosecurity measures here at Cottonwood. This is an issue that comes up repeatedly in the horse world regarding infectious equine illnesses, most recently because of regional reports of the Coronavirus and equine herpes (EHV-1) earlier this year.

So we thought we’d write a blog about […]

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Choosing a Home for Your Horse, Part 2

We all know that finding a barn to board our horses is no joke. It’s a big decision. But hopefully this blog and our last one will help you prepare for it. We know a lot about horse boarding in Denver area!

In our last blog, we wrote about quality of care, cost and facilities. Those […]

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Choosing a Home for Your Horse, Part 1

As horse owners, we all want the best for our equine partners. We want them to be happy and healthy, both mentally and physically.

That means choosing a home for your horse(s) is a really big deal! If you’re doing that right now, you’re probably searching around tirelessly to find the best fit. But there are […]

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Densensitizing a Spooky Horse, Part 3

So we’ve done two blogs on dealing with spookiness so far and now we’re talking about desensitizing a spooky horse by sacking out. How does it work?

A round pen (we have them up by the Western arena) is the best place to start with this. Basically the idea is that you allow your horse freedom […]

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How to Deal with a Spooky Horse, Part 2

In our last blog we discussed what not to do when your horse spooks and why. It’s important to understand the why behind all of this—horses spook naturally and trying to force or fight it out of them is ineffective. We have to train it away kindly and patiently (and probably never entirely) by showing […]

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How to Deal With a Spooky Horse, Part 1

We’ve all seen it: a wild-eyed horse galloping home across the bridge, reins flapping in the breeze and saddle empty, having left his rider with a bruised bottom somewhere on the trails or cross country course.

It happens. Horses are prey animals and therefore hard-wired to flee any appearance of danger. And encounters with apparent danger—bikers, […]

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