Yay for Summer Horse Camps for Kids!

Are you or someone you love a little horse-crazy? Maybe you have a son or daughter who can think of nothing better than to spend his or her days at the barn making new friends and riding horses in the sun?

If that rings true, or if you’re a kid who just wants to learn about […]

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Pellets vs. Sweet Feed

You are what you eat—and so is your horse. Without proper nutrition, your precious baby would quickly decline in performance, develop a slew of health problems and turn from glossy to a dull, fuzzy mess!

So what should your horse be eating in order to perform and look his best and live a long, healthy life? […]

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Summer Horse Events in Colorado

One of the best perks of being a horse owner is the community that comes with it.

There’s a special bond between horse people—an unspoken respect. Who else could understand the adventurous rush that riding affords? Who else could appreciate the blood, sweat and tears you put into practicing in the ring? Who else could share […]

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Keep Your Horse Healthy with Electrolytes

We all know that Colorado weather can be extreme and unpredictable. When it’s cold, it’s really, really cold. And when it’s hot – well, it’s like walking on the surface of the sun. And while it seems like only yesterday that we were freezing and frostbitten, the Colorado Summer has arrived and with it, temperatures […]

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Off-Track Thoroughbreds: Why We Love Ours

It was just a few weeks ago that we all sighed in disappointment when California Chrome failed to win the Triple Crown. It was a good reminder of just how tough horseracing can be.

The racing industry provides “the most exciting 60 seconds in sports” but is also a place where many great horses disappear into […]

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Who We Are

Welcome to our new website! Like most horse people, we’ve been keeping so busy riding, training and teaching that upgrading the site took a backseat for a while. But here it is at last!

We hope you’ll get an idea here who we are and what we’re all about. In a nutshell, Cottonwood Riding Club is […]

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