Why We All Need Western Days

Each form of riding has its benefits. One isn’t “better” than the other; it’s more of an individual preference thing for both horse and rider. And at Cottonwood, we’re proud to have many different disciplines, English and Western riding alike, represented!

It’s great when we can all learn from each other, and—while we’ll write another piece […]

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How Often Should I Ride My Horse, Part 3

We’ve already discussed several factors that partly answer the common question, “How often should I ride my horse?” But among the most important are the two we talk about in this blog: Your horse’s temperament and your goals.

Often, these two go together because we gravitate toward certain kinds of horses based on what we want […]

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How Often Should I Ride My Horse, Part 2

In our last blog, we started to answer the common question, “How often should I ride my horse?” by listing a bunch of factors that can impact riding frequency. In this blog, we’ll discuss two of the major ones: your horse’s age and training level.

In our next blog, we’ll also talk about riding to reach your particular […]

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How Often Should I Ride My Horse, Part 1

“How often should I ride my horse?” This is a question that many riders of different types and levels ask, so here are some guidelines we thought would be helpful, in three parts because there’s lots to talk about!

First it’s important to note that, with horses, very few rules are set in stone about stuff like […]

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Horse Riding Lessons Learned: Collection

Horse riding collection, done right, is euphoric for both horse and rider. Plus we can learn some profound life lessons from it, too.

Imagine that you’re riding an amazing horse that has a willing heart, a quiet mind and an athletic body. As you trot and canter around the cross country course, you notice that he […]

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Horse Riding Lessons Learned: Meditate, Don’t Marinate

This summer we were out on the trail at Dawson’s Butte, Colorado with a big group of horses and, as usual, some of them had minor disagreements with their riders about how the day was going to go.

It was a brand new trail for most of them, a group of fairly hyper Thoroughbreds and warmbloods […]

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Horse Riding: Brave vs. Stupid

Chances are, if you’re into horses you have a flair for adventure and like living on the edge a little bit. Especially those of us who love the more extreme horsey sports like jumping cross country, running barrels or playing polo!

Of course there’s inherent danger in all of these. Heck, there’s danger in any kind […]

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How Cold is Too Cold to Ride?

Ahh! Our horses have gotten all furry! It’s that time of year again…days are growing shorter and colder with the inevitable approach of winter.

You may have guessed this already, but your horse is much happier in cold weather than you are. In fact, he’s probably happily gallivanting around in turnout while you’re just trying to keep […]

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Why Riding is Great for Kids, Part 2

In my last blog, I (Tara) wrote about how handling horses and horseback riding are great for building kids’ confidence, character and fitness. In short, horseback riding for kids is an incredibly powerful teacher of life lessons. In this blog, I’ll tell you how horses offer youngsters an amazing, unique bond, and give kids a healthy, peaceful […]

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Why Riding is Great for Kids, Part 1

Many parents struggle with the decision to finally give in to their kids’ constant requests for riding lessons—especially if you have never ridden a horse or worse, had a bad experience with a horse when you were younger.

Over the years, we have seen thousands of families at Cottonwood with those same concerns. Let us share […]

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