Need someone to help you ride your horse?

It’s a scenario that many of us face at some point. Whether we can’t hack the commute, school is crazy or we face a medical setback, there are all kinds of reasons we find ourselves needing some horsey help.

After all, horses are a huge commitment and require a lot of time and energy! We don’t always have it because, well, life happens. And it’s not fair to let a perfectly healthy, rideable horse just sit around getting flabby.

In such cases, leasing a horse is a great option for many people because, if you’re going to let someone else ride your horse, why not get paid for it? It’s a win-win situation and helps offset those monthly bills.

But how do you find the right person?? It’s not always so easy, but here are a few tips as a guide:

First, if you’re a Cottonwood boarder, we can help you. We maintain a list of horses available for lease in our office and keep a constant weather eye out for appropriate matches. Often, someone in the lesson program who doesn’t own a horse will be looking to lease, and we can match you up.

Second, you can post ads online for free. Facebook works wonders, and sites like Craigslist can be effective, too. Lease ads are most effective if you include pictures and maybe even a video.

If a perfect stranger responds, however, proceed with caution. Remember that this person will be working with your horse and overseeing his care without you there.

So before you ever agree to introduce rider and mount, ask detailed questions about any potential leaser’s riding background and horse-handling philosophy. Maybe get some references—just like you’d do for a babysitter for your kid. Make sure that any prospect’s approach matches up well with your own.

Once you feel comfortable on that score, it’s time to meet. Read our next blog for what to look for then.