Another new year has rolled around, bringing with it that yearly fresh start and new opportunities we all can celebrate.

If there’s one thing horses can teach you, it’s to never stop learning and growing! No matter how much you know and how great a rider you are, you can always get better and learn more—that’s why working with horses is a lifelong passion for so many of us.

Horses are partners that, like human friends and partners, expose our weaknesses and our strengths. They encourage and challenge us constantly.

Certainly, 2016 held its share of learning, growing and excitement here at Cottonwood—a new barn, new boarders, many exciting shows and activities, lots of “sprucing up” the grounds and even a garden club!

We’re expecting more improvements in 2017, as we continue to build on our strengths and look for ways to make things better.

With the Saratoga Barn, we were answering demand for box stalls with individual runs, plush shavings and daily stall cleaning. It’s our most posh facility yet—a lot of work but worth it! We will continue to listen to our clients and do our best to meet your horsey needs, whatever they may be.

We’re also working to keep Cottonwood the “oasis” it is as the Sterling Ranch development continues just south of us. (Check out this recent story on us in the Highlands Ranch Herald!)

We can be open to change while preserving the things that make Cottonwood so special to us and you our beloved boarders and riders. Along those lines, we are in the process of creating a privacy barrier along our western border as we also prepare to welcome the many families who will soon become our new neighbors.

While the development will surely change the feel of surrounding countryside, Cottonwood will remain a peaceful getaway from the buzz and bustle of life.

We’re also planning to continue investing in our growing polo program, which has been increasingly successful over the past few years!

And we hope to make improvements to the Clubhouse this year, too. As always, we welcome your feedback.

And what about you? It’s always so inspiring to here what everyone learned last year and plans for the year ahead! How will you make your horsey life better in 2017?