How Often Should I Ride My Horse, Part 2

In our last blog, we started to answer the common question, “How often should I ride my horse?” by listing a bunch of factors that can impact riding frequency. In this blog, we’ll discuss two of the major ones: your horse’s age and training level.

In our next blog, we’ll also talk about riding to reach your particular […]

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How Cold is Too Cold to Ride?

Ahh! Our horses have gotten all furry! It’s that time of year again…days are growing shorter and colder with the inevitable approach of winter.

You may have guessed this already, but your horse is much happier in cold weather than you are. In fact, he’s probably happily gallivanting around in turnout while you’re just trying to keep […]

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Why Trail Riding is Good for Your Horse

We’ve had such a fun summer at Cottonwood – chock full of memorable moments at shows, in arenas and out on the trails. The season has been a whirlwind, so it’s hard to believe that the brisk temperatures and gorgeous colors of fall are beckoning…but they are!

With golden leaves and cool, crisp mornings ahead, we’re […]

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Tara’s Tip: Why We Mount From the Left

Have you ever wondered why we horse people always lead and mount from the left side? It’s one of the first things you learn when you take up horsemanship…but why? Well, I asked that question when I first started and there were a ton of different answers.

Basically, it comes down to tradition. Modern horseback riding […]

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Tara’s Tip: Setting Good Boundaries

Is your little angel horsey having one of those days? You’re doing everything right and he’s just not listening and you’re about to pull your hair out…

Maybe he’s distracted by a bunny or he’s checking out that cute mare in the next-door paddock. Maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the sawdust. Maybe […]

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What You Can Learn from Your Horse: Part 3

As we learn teamwork with our horses, we learn useful things like patience, fairness, boundaries and self-control.

To explain, we all know that sometimes, horse riding and training is tough. It can sometimes take a while for a horse to pick up a maneuver or a discipline. But practice makes perfect and you can’t lose your cool—that […]

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What You Can Learn from Your Horse: Part 2

Remember the “trust fall” at summer camp? Your fellow campers formed a double line and held out their arms, and you had to cross yours and fall backward and hope to high heaven that they would catch you?

It’s a weird thing, but they made you do it because they knew trust is important for building […]

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What You Can Learn from Your Horse: Part 1

We often think our horses learn from us. After all, we train them to carry us on their backs, to go right when we bump with our left leg and left when we bump with our right. We teach them to accept the saddle and to trust us enough to not run away from that […]

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It’s hot outside! Summer riding clothes to keep you cool

Whew- the heat really turned on this week! And it feels extra intense because we just had what seemed like an entire month of rain and cooler temps. The long, hot summer stretches before us… and we can’t go swimming with our horses every day!

Never fear: we have good news for all of you sweaty, sunburnt riders! Increased demand […]

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Great Trail Riding in Colorado

We are pretty spoiled at Cottonwood. We have hundreds of miles of amazing trails right in our backyard—the High Line Canal Trail and all of the natural beauty of Chatfield State Park!

But sometimes, it’s fun to see something new. And what better way to see it than on horseback? If you can find a trailer, […]

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