It’s hot outside! Summer riding clothes to keep you cool

Whew- the heat really turned on this week! And it feels extra intense because we just had what seemed like an entire month of rain and cooler temps. The long, hot summer stretches before us… and we can’t go swimming with our horses every day!

Never fear: we have good news for all of you sweaty, sunburnt riders! Increased demand […]

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Great Trail Riding in Colorado

We are pretty spoiled at Cottonwood. We have hundreds of miles of amazing trails right in our backyard—the High Line Canal Trail and all of the natural beauty of Chatfield State Park!

But sometimes, it’s fun to see something new. And what better way to see it than on horseback? If you can find a trailer, […]

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Tara’s Tip: Dealing with Spring Fever

At Cottonwood we are very lucky to have trails close by that are not only fun but challenging. Many of us are on the trail more than in the arena, especially in the summer when we can cross water and enjoy a long trail ride in the gorgeous Colorado weather.

But winter slows that down a […]

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Myths & Facts About Your Horse’s Bone Development

For those of us with young horses, when is it OK to start riding or to asking your horse to perform strenuous activities like jumping? Here’s what you should know before putting your bright-eyed youngster to work:

You may have heard someone say something about waiting until a horse’s “knees close” to begin work, referring to growth plates […]

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Yay for Summer Horse Camps for Kids!

Are you or someone you love a little horse-crazy? Maybe you have a son or daughter who can think of nothing better than to spend his or her days at the barn making new friends and riding horses in the sun?

If that rings true, or if you’re a kid who just wants to learn about […]

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2015 Horse Shows and Events Near Denver

It’s springtime! And you know what that means in the horse world: fun, fun, fun!

Warmer weather brings all kinds of horsing around–including shows, clinics, and events that we hold here and travel to from the barn. These are always great times when we ride hard, laugh hard and get to know each other better.

Regardless of […]

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Tara’s Tip: Your Horse and the Cold Weather

Horses are made for the cold weather. A horse’s ideal temperature is between 15-50 degrees Fahrenheit, but humans are more comfortable between 40-80 degrees. We often think the horses are cold because we are cold but the equines are fine.

Their long legs keep their center of mass off the cold ground. Keeping their heart and […]

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Keep Your Horse Healthy with Electrolytes

We all know that Colorado weather can be extreme and unpredictable. When it’s cold, it’s really, really cold. And when it’s hot – well, it’s like walking on the surface of the sun. And while it seems like only yesterday that we were freezing and frostbitten, the Colorado Summer has arrived and with it, temperatures […]

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Off-Track Thoroughbreds: Why We Love Ours

It was just a few weeks ago that we all sighed in disappointment when California Chrome failed to win the Triple Crown. It was a good reminder of just how tough horseracing can be.

The racing industry provides “the most exciting 60 seconds in sports” but is also a place where many great horses disappear into […]

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Who We Are

Welcome to our new website! Like most horse people, we’ve been keeping so busy riding, training and teaching that upgrading the site took a backseat for a while. But here it is at last!

We hope you’ll get an idea here who we are and what we’re all about. In a nutshell, Cottonwood Riding Club is […]

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