How Much is a Horse Worth? Part 1

Whether you’re in the market for a horse or already own one, the question of how much you can expect to pay (or ask) is an important one.

We’ve seen a lot of horse sale transactions in our day—all kinds of horses, from quiet trail bosses to polo ponies to show jumpers. How much is a horse […]

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Picking the Perfect Leaser, Part 1

Need someone to help you ride your horse?

It’s a scenario that many of us face at some point. Whether we can’t hack the commute, school is crazy or we face a medical setback, there are all kinds of reasons we find ourselves needing some horsey help.

After all, horses are a huge commitment and require a […]

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Pecking Order: How to Tell Where Your Horse Fits

We might not be able to ask our horses, “How was school today? Did you make any new friends?” But once we understand horsey interactions and herd dynamics, we can use them to identify where our horses fall in the power pyramid and whether things are working out well or poorly for them with their […]

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Stall vs. Run: Which is best?

Here at Cottonwood, we offer a plethora of options to accommodate many different kinds of horses. We like diversity and the atmosphere it creates! That’s why we offer pretty much everything under the sun when it comes to horse boarding near Denver.

We have stocky barrel racers, quiet trail horses, lanky eventers, floaty dressage horses…and everything […]

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Our Approach to Horse Barn Biosecurity

Over recent weeks, we’ve had a few boarders inquire about our biosecurity measures here at Cottonwood. This is an issue that comes up repeatedly in the horse world regarding infectious equine illnesses, most recently because of regional reports of the Coronavirus and equine herpes (EHV-1) earlier this year.

So we thought we’d write a blog about […]

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Choosing a Home for Your Horse, Part 2

We all know that finding a barn to board our horses is no joke. It’s a big decision. But hopefully this blog and our last one will help you prepare for it. We know a lot about horse boarding in Denver area!

In our last blog, we wrote about quality of care, cost and facilities. Those […]

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Choosing a Home for Your Horse, Part 1

As horse owners, we all want the best for our equine partners. We want them to be happy and healthy, both mentally and physically.

That means choosing a home for your horse(s) is a really big deal! If you’re doing that right now, you’re probably searching around tirelessly to find the best fit. But there are […]

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