Board your horse

horse boarding denverLooking for a great home for your horse in the Denver area? Read on, and come visit us to see whether Cottonwood is the right fit for you! We have just about every kind of horse under the sun here on our 100 acres in Littleton, and we take pride in providing each one with the best of care—whether that means paddock, box stall or something in between!

Our horses are watered and fed twice a day with a high-quality alfalfa hay mix and alfalfa-based pellets. (We feed grass hay on demand, too.) We offer a variety of horse boarding options, with three large, well-kept barns for indoor boarding, large open paddocks, double or single pens with run-in sheds, and pasture board–all at reasonable prices. Each boarding option includes full use of our facilities (indoor and outdoor arenas, polo arena, cross country course, clubhouse, pro shop, spacious wash area and miles of beautiful trails).

With so many boarding options, we also offer different mucking frequencies and choices on shavings, depending on your budget and preferences. That way, you can get full daily service or go lower maintenance to save money—it’s up to you! (Prices for box stalls below include daily mucking; the Breezeway Barn is cleaned every other day and the paddocks weekly, weather permitting.) If you have multiple horses, talk to us about ways you can keep them together and save.

We know that for horses, the good life isn’t just about comfort, safety and quality food, but mental health and space to play, too! Our turnout fields are large and open, each with fresh water and plenty of room for horses to be horses. We carefully select groups suitable to be turned out together, from the young and playful to the gentle geriatrics. We offer options for three or six-day turnout in a group that makes sense for your horse.

We offer (optional) professional training programs to support the owners of green, challenging and/or performance horses. We also provide additional services such as worming, extra feeding and blanketing. Plus we’re easy to get to, off Santa Fe Drive about 30 minutes from central Denver.

Whether you have a hot OTTB, a quiet Quarter Horse, a dressage dream or polo pony, you’ll feel at home here. We welcome any rider and any horse … and we love having kids around, too! But fair warning—we do tend to have a wait list. So if you think Cottonwood might be your next horsey home, call us today to check availability and schedule a tour: (303) 791-7656.

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Service Description Price Rate
Pasture Open air board with other horses $325.00 Monthly
Paddock Open air board with other horses, 3x daily feedings $356.00 Monthly
Open Pen Open air board $422.00 Monthly
Small Double Pen Open-air run for two with shelter $692.00 Monthly
Large Double Pen Open-air run for two with shelter $735.00 Monthly
Covered Run Open-air run for one with shelter $445.00 Monthly
Breezeway Barn Stall in open-sided barn $425.00 Monthly
Centennial Barn 12’x12′ box stall $498.00 Monthly
Arapahoe Barn 12’x12′ box stall $498.00 Monthly
Saratoga Barn 12’x12′ box stall with open-air run $665.00 Monthly
Pasture or individual turnout Three days/week $95.00 Monthly
Training rides An experienced, expert trainer rides your horse $40.00 Per Ride

(All prices include twice daily feedings and full use of the facility.)