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How Much is a Horse Worth? Part 1

Whether you’re in the market for a horse or already own one, the question of how much you can expect to pay (or ask) is an important one.

We’ve seen a lot of horse sale transactions in our day—all kinds of horses, from quiet trail bosses to polo ponies to show jumpers. How much is a horse […]

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Looking Forward to 2017

Another new year has rolled around, bringing with it that yearly fresh start and new opportunities we all can celebrate.

If there’s one thing horses can teach you, it’s to never stop learning and growing! No matter how much you know and how great a rider you are, you can always get better and learn more—that’s […]

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Picking the Perfect Leaser, Part 2

If you read our last blog, you got the lowdown on horse leasing in terms of finding the best leaser for your horse and some things to ask him or her.

Once you’re ready to meet a prospect, arrange for him or her to meet you at the barn in a public spot and fill out a […]

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Picking the Perfect Leaser, Part 1

Need someone to help you ride your horse?

It’s a scenario that many of us face at some point. Whether we can’t hack the commute, school is crazy or we face a medical setback, there are all kinds of reasons we find ourselves needing some horsey help.

After all, horses are a huge commitment and require a […]

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So You Want to Ride My Horse…

Tell people you own a horse and inevitably at some point you’ll hear, “Cool! Can I ride him?”

The way you probably feel about that question depends on several factors: You, your horse, and the person asking. As you ponder, “Should I let So-and-So ride my horse?” your inner response may well be, “Yikes! NO! But I […]

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Why Grids Are Great Training

Chances are, if you ride with one of our trainers, you’ve done your share of jumping grids. But why? Why do we love to torture you all so?

Jokes and maniacal laughs aside, grid patterns are great training for both you and your horse. (Believe it or not, lots of people even like doing them!)

Grids are […]

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Pecking Order: Establishing Dominance with your Horse

Let’s say you’re at a cocktail party. People are milling about with their drinks, making small talk in low voices as jazz music plays in the background. You’ve just met a lot of these folks and suddenly, you start whistling and tapping your glass and, once you’ve got the attention of the room, you explain […]

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Pecking Order: How to Tell Where Your Horse Fits

We might not be able to ask our horses, “How was school today? Did you make any new friends?” But once we understand horsey interactions and herd dynamics, we can use them to identify where our horses fall in the power pyramid and whether things are working out well or poorly for them with their […]

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Pecking Order: What the Heck is It?

It’s kind of like middle school. *Cringe.* Everyone is trying to show everyone else how cool and capable they are…making cases for why they should be part of the club, the team, the clique, the chess club…

Before we all lose ourselves in memories of our own middle school days: we’re talking about horses here and […]

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Mares vs. Geldings, Part 2

Let’s get a little brainy for a moment. We’ve been talking about the mares vs. geldings debate and differences between mares and geldings. While we can’t be conclusive, we can shed some light on the subject by learning about how mares think.

Recent scientific studies of horse herds in the wild show some things that might […]

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