How Cold is Too Cold to Ride?

Ahh! Our horses have gotten all furry! It’s that time of year again…days are growing shorter and colder with the inevitable approach of winter.

You may have guessed this already, but your horse is much happier in cold weather than you are. In fact, he’s probably happily gallivanting around in turnout while you’re just trying to keep […]

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Why Riding is Great for Kids, Part 2

In my last blog, I (Tara) wrote about how handling horses and horseback riding are great for building kids’ confidence, character and fitness. In short, horseback riding for kids is an incredibly powerful teacher of life lessons. In this blog, I’ll tell you how horses offer youngsters an amazing, unique bond, and give kids a healthy, peaceful […]

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Why Riding is Great for Kids, Part 1

Many parents struggle with the decision to finally give in to their kids’ constant requests for riding lessons—especially if you have never ridden a horse or worse, had a bad experience with a horse when you were younger.

Over the years, we have seen thousands of families at Cottonwood with those same concerns. Let us share […]

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