The Basics of Flying Lead Changes, Part 2

Moving on from last week’s blog…

Once you have smooth walk-to-canter and canter-to-walk transitions, you are ready to play with simple changes. In dressage, simple changes are defined as a change in the canter lead through 3-7 walk steps.

Again, keeping your horse calm is paramount, so if you feel them getting hot or confused, take a […]

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Tara’s Tip: The Basics of Flying Lead Changes, Part 1

When you see a really well trained horse (no matter the discipline), it is amazing to watch. And one thing that is common in all disciplines is flying lead changes. Barrel horses need them to be faster around the barrels, dressage horses need them to show proper training and for competition, jumpers need […]

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What to Expect in Your First Riding Lesson

When you make the decision to finally follow that dream and take your first riding lesson (or in many cases give in to your daughter’s continual requests for a pony), what do you do next?

Well, first you have to choose a great barn—something family friendly and near your house. Look for a place that offers […]

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Tara’s Tip: Why We Mount From the Left

Have you ever wondered why we horse people always lead and mount from the left side? It’s one of the first things you learn when you take up horsemanship…but why? Well, I asked that question when I first started and there were a ton of different answers.

Basically, it comes down to tradition. Modern horseback riding […]

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