Horseback Riding for Beginners: Bits

If you’re horseback riding on a fast horse, how do you get him to slow down or stop? Easy—by pulling back on the reins.

The reins are long strands of leather that attach to the bit, which is made of metal and runs through the horse’s mouth, over his tongue. The reins also allow you to […]

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Horseback Riding for Beginners: Saddles

Want to learn how to ride a horse and get a jump on the basics before your first horseback riding lesson? No problem! We’ll give you all you need to get started.

But remember! Reading about riding is much different than actually riding! So you could know everything in your head, but your body would still […]

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Exercise Tips to Help Your Riding

We’ve all heard of cross training. It’s what athletes do to prepare for any demanding competition. It helps us to get stronger, faster and more effective at our sport of choice.

Horseback riding is no different. Of course, anything improves with practice and effort. If you’re a runner you can become a better runner by running […]

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Tara’s Tip: Setting Good Boundaries

Is your little angel horsey having one of those days? You’re doing everything right and he’s just not listening and you’re about to pull your hair out…

Maybe he’s distracted by a bunny or he’s checking out that cute mare in the next-door paddock. Maybe he woke up on the wrong side of the sawdust. Maybe […]

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