Tara’s Tip: Trail Riding Do’s and Don’ts

Cottonwood riders have direct access to miles of some of the most beautiful trails the Denver area–and Colorado for that matter–has to offer. It’s good fun! But there are good and bad ideas when it comes to trail riding and nobody wants to trudge 5 miles home with their horse galloping ahead of them. So […]

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Sport Horse Conformation 101

We can all tell easily enough if a horse is beautiful. They practically all are, in their own ways! But how do you know if a horse is built well enough to be athletic and stand up to a tough, demanding discipline?

Well, each horseback riding discipline has its own desired characteristics in horse conformation, because each […]

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Great Trail Riding in Colorado

We are pretty spoiled at Cottonwood. We have hundreds of miles of amazing trails right in our backyard—the High Line Canal Trail and all of the natural beauty of Chatfield State Park!

But sometimes, it’s fun to see something new. And what better way to see it than on horseback? If you can find a trailer, […]

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How to Avoid Colic

It’s hard to beat this Colorado weather! I mean, we’ve had an entire week of rain and it’s in the 40s. A week or so ago, temps were in the 70s and the sun was shining!

Everyone at the barn is so smiley when it’s sunny, and it usually is. The horses enjoy the springtime sunshine […]

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